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About Gordon Ewasiuk

When I received my first computer (Atari 800) in 1985, I immediately took it apart to understand how it works.  When I received my first computer modem (300 baud), I spent three straight days just exploring the on-line world.  At the time, it consisted of Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes) but eventually led to the Internet.  That led my discovering a little company in North Carolina called Red Hat which completely changed my life.

My professional life has revolved around those three core competencies.  Red Hat led to Solaris which led to more UNIX and Linux flavors than a Baskin Robbins.  The Internet led to routers, switches, fiber-optic lines, and telecom equipment.  The best part is that it NEVER ENDS.  Linux gets better, the Internet gets faster, and learning NEVER STOPS! 

I've worked in and built Network Operation Centers (NOCs), Points of Presence (PoPs), installed fiber-optic lines, supported servers all over the globe, and completed countless projects involving Linux and UNIX.

When I don't have my engineer hat on, I'm an avid bowler (202 avg!), reading addict (I own 4 kindles and one Nook), maintain two aquariums, and one cat named Leroy.

I'm also a professional football fanatic (Go Dallas Cowboys) and have taken up bicycling.

Finally, I relish the opportunity to pass on my hard-fought knowledge to others.  



Favorite PROJECT

Turning up a software app in 24hrs


Another department said I was working on an app but was having trouble with it.  This was news to me since nobody told me about it!  Within a day, I had the app installed, up and running, and ready for production -- without a problem.

Toughest Project

Migrating 106 servers from Kerberos 3 to Kerberos 4.  One false move and I would lose access to the servers -- some of which were in remote locations (Paris, London, Seattle, etc.)  It was conducted over 30hrs over a long weekend.

Understanding the fundamentals -- how things work -- and you can tackle almost any problem



I'm a firm believer in understanding the fundamentals of technology.  Back when the Internet was taking off, I was the one reading RFCs (Request for Comments) to understand how protocols work.  When virtualization first appeared, I immediately installed the same software on my home network to see how a virtual machine worked, what it could do, and how to manage/troubleshoot it.  While helping a fiber field engineer, I asked him so many questions that he took me under his wing and taught me fiber-optic fundamentals.  I would eventually deliver OCx and GigE circuits on my own as a result.

Anybody can read a book and quote from it.  Knowing how things work though is worth its weight in gold. 

This inherent curiosity has followed me through my professional career.  I've even taken time off from my primary job to help another department on a mission-critical project.  I thrive on learning...as much as possible...ABOUT EVERYTHING. 

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My Background

Operating Systems

  • Red Hat Linux / Red Hat Enterprise Linux:  21yrs
  • Sun/Oracle Solaris:  18yrs
  • Windows Server NT4/2000/2003/2008/2012:  20yrs
  • Ubuntu / OpenSUSE / Other Linux flavors:  10+ yrs
  • FreeBSD and OpenBSD:  14yrs


  • Cabling / Switches / Routers / VLANs (L2 and L3) / QoS / trunking:  21yrs
  • SONET OCx circuits / GigE / 10GigE / 40Gig/E / 100Gig/E:  18yrs(40-100Gig/E ~4yrs)
  • Fiber-optic installation / testing / troubleshooting / CMD testing:  8yrs
  • MPLS:  8yrs  Metro/Carrier Ethernet:  6yrs

Internet infrastructure

  • Build and install Points of Presence / maintain and support PoP facilities (HVAC / UPS / Diesel Generator / DC Power Plant / CCTV and badge systems) / install, manage, and support fiber-optic transmission systems / perform fiber locates, build colo cages:  18yrs

Applications / Protocols

IPv4, IPv6, DNS, DNSSEC, SMTP/POP3, SMTPS/POP3S, SSL, TLS, SSH, iptables, ipf, Postfix, Exim, Dovecot, VMware, KVM, Xen, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Netcool, Nagios, Remedy, HP Openview, IaaS, Gluster, Subversion, CVS, Git, Ceph, Entire Red Hat product line, Ceph, OpenStack, and MaaS.  (might be easier to list what I haven't used!)



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