Valve gets "it"

I've been using Valve Network's Steam service for over ten years now.  And without fail, Valve has delivered every single time I've purchased a game.  While they've had their share of security concerns, they still somehow manage to deliver an exceptional game purchasing experience again and again.

To put their reliability into perspective, I've had more power outages that Steam outages in the last ten years.  THAT says something.  Kudos to Valve for a job well done.

Oh, and I purchased Fallout 4, Hearts of Iron IV, and Stellaris tonight.  Let the gaming begin!

Ciena rocks my world

Ciena hosted a TDM presentation today.  During the discussion, they mentioned 800Gig/E links in the near future.  EIGHT HUNDRED GIGABITS PER SECOND.  My head exploded.  Intel has an 800Gbps technology piece used for storage interconnects called MXC.  It's full-duplex -- so 800Gbps each way.  It runs up to 300 meters and would be nifty to have for SANs.

I'd love to see an 800Gbps telecom link though.  Woof.  Am hunting for it now!